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Warning: Do NOT Vote for a Judicial Activist

How important is it for you
to vote for the right judges?

Judges sitting on California courts may be incompetent, corrupt or lazy.

Even worse, many are political opportunists with a political agenda. They are “judicial activists.” A judicial activist legislates from the bench. Instead of strictly interpreting California law, these judges make the laws. Instead of applying the law to facts, they impose their own values on us all.

It is the voters of California and the legislatures that are supposed to make laws. Not judges. In fact, these judges ignore the law in favor of their own liberal, left-wing, anti-family agendas.

Legislating from the bench, these judges destroy or weaken constitutional protection, votes by the people, family values, marriage, religious liberty and economic freedom.

Judicial activists have:

  • Overturned voter-passed initiatives and laws passed by the state legislature, simply because they personally have a different belief system. They twist the law to rationalize their decisions.
  • Imposed their own moral codes, political beliefs and secular values in an effort to reshape our society and promote social engineering.

The proper role of a judge is to fairly interpret the law to the facts of a particular case in order to arrive at a fair judgment. But that is not happening today in many courts.

Instead, activist judges have been advancing a political agenda that:

  • Destroys the separation of powers
  • Weakens the structure of federalism
  • Usurps the right of the people to govern themselves
  • Undermines protection of religious freedoms and the First Amendment
  • Seeks to impose humanism, multiculturalism, relativism and internationalism on us, regardless of the people’s will
  • Is biased against free enterprise and is anti-growth—resulting in higher taxes and less opportunity for our future

Pure and simple, it’s politics from the bench.

We research the candidates very carefully. We talk to many on the phone. We have evaluated their rulings, who appointed them, their endorsements and other criteria. Our recommendations are posted here for every judicial election.


Judicial Index Average

Judicial Index Average
Judicial Activist Strict Constructionist
  • Positions
  • Contributions
  • Rulings
  • Statements


Unqualified Very Qualified
  • Experience
  • Reputation
  • Integrity
  • American Bar
    Association ratings

On the California Supreme Court and the state Courts of Appeal, you vote “yes” or “no.” If a majority says “no,” they are out of the office and the Governor must select a new judge.

Most Superior Court races are two candidates running against each other and the one with the most votes win.

Click here to read more about judicial activists vs. strict contructionists Click here to read our Candidate Endorsement Questionnaire



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Wonderful research

“Dear Mr. Huey,

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“I hope more and more voters will take advantage of your wonderful research in the future, and realize the importance of choosing competent judges. In gratitude.”


I trust your advice

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—Phyllis N.

Your website saves me hours


“Thank you so much for this website. I usually spend hours ‘Googling’ the judges and reading articles just to figure out who is the activist and who is the constructionist. Thanks again for freeing up my time so I can research the other issues.”


Very helpful!


“I certainly appreciate the information you had on the different judges. It was very helpful and now I can vote for them; before I used to leave them blank because I knew nothing about their background.”


Thanks for all you do

“Hi Mr. Huey,

“Thanks very much for all you’re doing. I really appreciate your recommendation on judges. I vote no unless I know something about judges.”

—Russ N.

Happy to have a source I can trust


“I’m so happy to have some source that I can trust for the judges.”


A great assistance


“Your recommendation as to what judges for whom to vote is especially a great assistance.”


The only resource of its kind

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“Please keep spreading the word.  I’ve told some coworkers and family members about your website to help them select or deselect judges. It will take some time to filter through the state but you’re the only resource I know of to cast a worthy vote!”


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