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Water Bond Proposition

Is Proposition 1–the Water Quality, Supply and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014–really in the best interest of California’s taxpayers? Watch this video, tell me what you think. I think there are too many unknowns in this proposition to be sure this … Continue reading

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Voters vs Unions- Who should have more say in government?

When the people of the County of Ventura put together a ballot measure to save the County from bankruptcy, the DA and unions began to fight against the right of people to have a say in government. But when the County … Continue reading

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What you need to know about judicial activists or unqualified judges

Unfortunately, many judges sitting on California courts may be incompetent, corrupt or lazy. Even worse, many are political opportunists who have a political agenda. They are “judicial activists.” Judicial activists legislate from the bench. Instead of strictly interpreting the law … Continue reading

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California Supreme Court refused to help taxpayers on probable stem-cell fraud

The California Supreme Court has refused to review two lawsuits challenging the $3 billion Stem Cell Institute passed by voters with Proposition 71. The decision was largely political, by the activist judges. The suits claimed there was inadequate state supervision … Continue reading

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